Monday, August 28, 2017

The Swich

                            The Trio Companionship: Elder Ray, Elder Bull & Elder Pierce
Dear Everyone,

  So this past week was a very busy week for us because we had a zone conference and it was going to be at our chapel so we had to get everything prepared! So we went and cleaned the whole chapel the night before and then in the zone conference Elder Ray and I had to give a training about the principle from the white hand book of staying within sight and hearing of your companion so that was pretty cool. But a lot of my missionary friends were at the conference so that was really good to see. Then we have been also pretty busy with zone leader stuff. Because there is one one companionship in our zone that doesn't have a sick companion... pretty crazy. So we were fixing bikes and dropping off stuff all the time. and at the end of the week Elder Bull got sick again but he is feeling better now. 
A family felt bad for us that Elder Bull was sick so they gave us a massive feed 
So not as much legit missionary work as we would have liked to do, but it is all good. It is pretty funny because Yamanto ward is pretty similar to Camira ward as far as the people go so I have been making good use of my Samoan! haha 

But ya that is pretty much our week lots of fun but we are wanting to be able to do a lot more work this week!
Love you all
-Elder Pierce
                                            A picture we took at the top of the hike we did

Trios and Illness

Dear Everyone,

   So this past week was not your normal working week. haha So we started off doing district meeting on Tuesday, luckily Elder Ray ran it this time but it will be my turn this week. Unfortunately almost every companionship in our zone had someone who was sick with the flu so that was pretty sad. One of the sisters came to district meeting sicker than a dog and then the next morning Elder Bull (my Fijian companion) woke up sick as well so we didn't go out of the flat for two days.... haha Elder Ray and I were a little stir crazy, we even lifted weights one day.. haha both of us are useless. 

But I think being in a trio is pretty good, you always have someone that you can talk to and ya it is not too bad. But Elder Ray is possibly one of the funniest men alive... haha We had a long time to bond while Elder Bull was sleeping for practically 2 days. Turns out we have heaps in common. He even likes the Gorillaz ( the band that sings that really weird song about fire coming out of the mountain) But on Thursday I got to do another baptismal interview but this time it was for a 17 year old girl so that was very different from my first one which was a 9 year old girl. We even got to go to the baptism which was awesome (it was a mean Samoan baptism which means a giant feed afterwards) but ya pretty slow week as far as the work goes but it was a good week! 
I love you all and hope you have a great week!

-Elder Pierce

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Surprise News

                              Elder Pierce and Elder Choi last picture (as companions)
Dear Everyone,

   I hope you all had a great week! So this past week was a pretty busy one, but a good one none the less. So ya to be honest I don't remember everything that happened. We had a crack up district meeting where we sang as the last song "God be with you till we meet again" because this was the last week of our transfer. But ya and on Saturday we got the calls that night that told us if we were going to be transferred or not... and drum roll..................... yup I got transferred! but the problem was I didn't know where to. 

So on Sunday afternoon I got a call from the assistants that said I was going to be going to the Ipswich Stake in the Yamanto area where I am going to be a Zone Leader. (I did read your email Riley haha now you know)  I am pretty excited! We will be covering 2 wards Yamanto and Raceview. I am in a trio and my companions are Elder Bull (Fiji) and Elder Ray (Utah) haha I am with my first American!! They are both good companions and I am pretty excited. Ya now the best news is that I am Elder Meyer's zone leader and he is a district leader so it was so crack up to see him and everyone! Sorry I don't have a picture of my new companions yet but I will get one for next week! 

Ya but ya.. I don't really have much else to say so have a great week!

-Elder Pierce
District meeting.... they didn't do something so their "punishment" was to sing a song in district meeting. haha

Monday, August 7, 2017

Small Miracles

Dear everyone,

This past week has been one of cool tender mercies of the Lord! A lot of it happened on Wednesday, it was pretty funny we started out the day by just going and knocking on some doors and then after that it was lunch time. So Elder Choi asked if we could go to Subway because we had a coupon so I said sure. While we were there ordering our food a guy working there was like "Hi Elders" but then he just kept doing his thing. But when we were checking out he said to me, "I want to thank you I really felt the spirit today while you were here." and Elder Choi and I were like... uhh okay. Then he asked us why we were here in Beenleigh and I said serving the Lord. and he said I know my family are in the such and such ward. And then we pretty much said goodbye. 

Then after lunch we had to go help one of the elders in our district fix their tire because they had a flat tire and no jack... haha so we went and helped them. Then afterward I had to go conduct a baptismal interview (my first one.....) haha I was pretty nervous but it was all good it was just a nine year old. So that went really well! but then afterwards when we got back to the car we got a phone call. Then when we answered she was like is this Elder Choi and Elder Pierce the missionaries who went to Subway today?.... umm... yep. She said The boy at the counter was my brother who has decided to be inactive for years and chose to live a life very against the gospel and he swore that God wasn't real. But she said that after we came in to Subway that day he felt the spirit so strong that he knew that God was real and that everything that he used to believe was true! and we were like.... uh no way! We didn't even say that much to him but then she thanked us for serving missions and said that this was probably one of the reasons that Heavenly Father sent us to the Brisbane mission. And now the boy is going to prepare to serve a mission and turn his life around. It was an amazing experience and one that I will hold close to my heart :) 

Also we have been having some troubles getting anyone to come to church so Elder Choi fasted for it and then out of the blue an old investigator who we didn't invite or see in a while out of the blue turned up and said that she just felt she needed to come!

 Really cool stuff, the church is true.  I love you all have a great week!
Elder Pierce