Friday, March 25, 2016

Last week in the MTC

Companions visiting the Provo Temple

So i don't have too much time to write the main email. But i have a few pictures in the dropbox. And i also sent the recording of the practice of the song Elder Nemeth and I sang. But just like last week this week has been super busy and I will be flying out on Monday! So I am almost done here in the MTC! But me and my companion and another elder in my district, Elder Cummings, will be flying together at 12:30 in the afternoon!  Then we are going to fly to LA and we will have like a 5 hour layover and then we will be flying straight to Brisbane after that! So that flight is going to be suppper longgg.. But it should be really good and we will have 7 missionaries in our flight group. 

                           Elder Pierce and Elder Nemeth are Australia bound very soon!

But on Easter there will be an apostle visiting the MTC and I will be able to sing in a choir to him!!! which i am way pumped about. As the zone leader I have to assign some things like who will do the sacrament and who gives the priesthood lesson and things like that but my favorite part is getting to know the missionaries in the zone as well as welcoming in the new district! But being a good example and just being good friends with them! Also one of the people from the new district is from New Zealand and he is helping me work on my accent. But ya lots of teaching and lots more learning! Sorry this email is so quick, I'll email more next week!
Opening the Easter package from the family

I just want everyone to know that the reason why I'm on my mission is because I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I have so much faith in Him because this is His work that I am doing! He lives and He blesses our lives tremendously!! 

                                                                        My Zone

Friday, March 18, 2016

Week 2

Elder Pierce and Elder Nemeth

So I put the pictures to drop box for y'all but I don’t have much time.... So this is probably going to be pretty quick! But the MTC is awesome don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Also the temple is awesome and a place that prayers are answered!! So go there. Also MTC life is super busy and p-day is really nice! But I have learned so much in such a really short period of time I’m really working on trying to not just teach but to let the spirit direct what to teach because I can sure tell you what I'm going to teach won't help.... haha but I've been working on that and studying and praying for that :)

Also Apparently I'm not shy anymore?? hahaha who would have guessed that I'm the one who does all of the talking and stuff in our lessons with trc investigators and stuff. So that is one more tender mercy of the lord that I have noticed. But the gospel is so true so believe it. That is enough said.

Something that one of my kind of teachers said to me that made me kind of change the way I think was he asked me if I was confident and I was like... eeeuuhggg????..... And he said you are doing it wrong. If you are not 100% confident that means that you are putting your trust in the arm of the flesh or yourself. When it should really be the lord who you put your trust in because this is his gospel that we are teaching not ours. And so he said when I come back you better say that are are confident!

Noah's Zone

But yes it’s been a busy week. Oh ya my companion Elder Nemeth and I are going to be Zone leaders and we are also going to sing a duet in sacrament meeting. Which he is really nervous about because he says he's never sung in a duet or solo just in choirs. But he is going to do great. He is a little quiet but that just means I'm going to have to pull my voice back a little bit. But that should be exciting. But I really love my district as well as branch/zone they are so cool and I hope I can learn a lot from them all!

Noah enjoying his "long hours in the class room" (his companion maybe not so much...)

It's a little weird because the long hours in the classroom don't really bother me at all... So I guess that is a good thing. But Also my teachers are really cool and they help me a lot but I also love the like assistant teachers that I have, I have learned a lot from especially two of them Sister Bishop as well as Brother Kezeele (don't know how to spell that..) But he is the one that talked about confidence. Hahaha he is like really blunt which I think I need sometimes.

But ya I have lots more studying but if I have to say I wish I had gone over the lessons in preach my gospel more! I know I did do that and I spent A LOT of time in mission prep doing that but… It would have been nice to know them a little better. So listen up y'all who are going on missions study up and treasure the words of God in your hearts!

But alright that will be pretty much be all I guess I hope everyone has a great week! Also remember the power of prayer is great. Do not take it for granted.

Thanks for the emails!!

 Australian Money!

Noah saw his friend from BYU, Kristen, in the MTC 

Friday, March 11, 2016

First P-day

Dear everyone :)
So surprise my p-day is on a Friday!! Which is really kind of nice because I have only been here less than three days and I get to have this nice little break. And I am excited to go to the temple and go through a session I have some questions and things that I want to bring to the temple and let me just say one thing I have learned so far in my short time is that the lord DOES answer prayers. So pray in faith and I testify that you will receive answers or comfort. Something cool that one of the instructors of a discussion said was to pray in your heart while you teach to feel God's love for that person and holy cow does that work!

But so my companion's name is Elder Nemeth and he is from near the Seattle Washington area! So opposite sides of the country but it's really cool I feel like we have a lot in common and we get along pretty well. Even though he says he doesn't know a lot about the scriptures and such... He definitely has humility and the spirit and I need to learn a thing or two from him. But we both love to sing and have been in choirs all our life which is awesome and we are both are stoked to go to the choir practice for the MTC choir!! We are both going to Brisbane Australia which is also an awesome plus! So he is also 19 but he turns 20 in December so he is the school year younger than me but it's all cool :) Also my computer is about to restart for updates.... :/ haha but now it has decided to come back! Alright so now I'm back to writing. My district in the MTC is awesome we have two sets of elders and three sets of sisters (including me and my companion) All of the elders are 19 and three of us are going to Brisbane and the other is going to Adalade (however you spell that...) (its spelled Adelaide) but their names are elders Hanaley, Cummings, sisters Farely, Hill, Simonsen and there is one more sister that I can't remember the name of for the moment.

I don't have any pictures to send for the moment for a couple of reasons... I forgot my camera and I only have one picture but I will send that to y'all next week. What else.. I love all of the study time other people in my district are not liking it but I think it's awesome to have lots of time to study. So far me and my companion have taught our first investigator/ teacher the first lesson I was tending to ramble but other than that I think it went alright Elder Nemeth did great. He was really afraid he was just going to forget everything and be like "words are hard" quote from him but the spirit helped us both. And that is the key to the work. 1 work for the spirit so the spirit can do the real work. I have Many things to learn and I hope that I can catch on quick. But I just want to be the best missionary that I can so that I can bring souls closer to our savior Jesus Christ. (also sorry for all the grammatical mistakes..) (many were corrected) But ya even my zone is awesome and the zone leaders have been helping us a lot. I hope that I learn where everything is so I can get around better but me and my companion are working on that! I love y'all lots and even better I can testify that God loves each and every one of you :)

-Elder Pierce

Sorry this was quick hopefully I'll get better at writing faster

At the airport ready to fly out to Utah.

Uncle Charles and cousins Seth and Clark drop Elder Pierce off at the MTC.

Noah, his companion Elder Nemeth (we assume), their instructor, and another elder

"Hi" from the MTC