Monday, October 9, 2017

Miracles and General Conference

Dear Everyone,
  Okay so I will try to get everything in with this email. First off to answer Dad's question about the investigators who we took their tea from, it is a mom and a daughter (both Australian 52, 26 'ish) We found them through door knocking and they have been coming to church every week and they are preparing to be baptized not this upcoming Saturday but next one. So that is really cool.

It sure was a busy week with Zone Conferences and General Conference as well but it has been a great week full of some cool miracles. We have 4 dates set for baptisms this week (October 14) in the zone. So, we have been seeing a lot of successes in Ipswich and our missionaries are working hard. Our area as well is going very well, especially Raceview ward.  I will tell you one cool miracle that I will hold close to my heart that happened. Last week there was a kid who came to church who came up to me and asked me if I remembered him. And I knew that I knew him but I wasn't sure where from. Well after church it hit me that he was a kid from one of the part member families I taught in my first area and he had gone into foster care for some reason soon after I left the area. And he was just accepted to be with one of our families in Raceview ward! On his first Sunday he went up to his teachers and asked them if he could be baptized. So, we taught him our first lesson this week and he is so keen, we will have to do some work about child services but I think it is amazing how the Lord prepares people especially for us! 

Also at zone conference, like I was saying, I got to sing which was fun again. One of the assistants asked me to sing "You Raise Me Up".  I thought it went really well. We also have a baptism planned for this Saturday of a 13-year-old boy from a part member family and he is such a cool kid we are still working with some of his other siblings but it should be an amazing experience on Saturday. (I will get some pictures for that). 

Sorry this email is kind of all over the place but the work is good and Heavenly Father knows His children and works through the small and simple things! Oh ya conference was AWESOME! As always I especially enjoyed Elder Uchtdorf's talk on Saturday morning. 

Everyone have a great week! Also happy late 18th birthday Dallin!!

Love, Elder Pierce

PS.  Elder Pierce found a the mission blog ( ) maintained by the Mission President and his wife (President and Sister McSwain) with pictures and videos.  
Click on the link below to hear a short clip of Elder Pierce singing and sharing his beautiful talent!

Sorry So Short


Alright everyone, sorry this email is so short because I had to get some things figured out on the computer and now I realized all my time is gone.

They asked me to sing in zone conference "You Raise Me Up" and I had to find and buy the sheet music so that took a long time. But the week was a busy but good week. We had our missionary leadership meeting with all of the zls (zone leaders) and stls (Sister training leaders) which was fun. Also one of our investigators we taught we shared the Word of Wisdom to and before we left we got them to dump out all of their alcohol and give us their tea so that was pretty cool.

But ya I love you all have a great week!
- Elder Pierce
Elder Ray with a horse
Proof that I'm in Australia
One of our investigators we have been teaching is progressing quite well and when we taught the Word of Wisdom we confiscated all of the tea in the home and we threw it away (with permission, haha)

Monday, September 25, 2017

Another Transfer in the "Swich""

Dear Everyone,

 So as far as the transfers go I will be staying here in the Yamanto/ Raceview area! Also Elder Ray will be staying but our trio will be gone because Elder Bull will be leaving. It is pretty sad to say goodbye to Elder Bull, it definitely was an awesomely interesting transfer, haha we had a crack up time! Also to let everyone know Elder Bull is doing much better! but ya he is leaving so yup... 

But this last week was interesting because Elder Ray thought he was going to leave so he was going through the stages of grief and everything haha it was actually pretty funny how real it was. On Monday we had a really awesome zone p-day where we played volleyball and ninja and touch which was a lot of fun.  Our missionaries worked really hard to get this zone p-day. 

A lot of the rest of the week went pretty slow because Elder Ray got sick with the flu for two days and because it was week 6 of the transfer we had to clean our flat and do all sorts of things so it was kind of busy. But it is pretty crazy because in our zone the only one who got transferred out was Elder Bull and the rest stayed the same which we were pretty shocked about.  I am pumped for this next transfer because I get along really well with my companion and the work is really moving forward here in Ipswich! 

But ya, hope you all have a great week!
-Elder Pierce 

A Weird but Good Week

10/17 2017
Dear Everyone,

  So this past week was pretty fun, heaps of stuff happened. But before I forget this is the last week of the transfer. So we have found a really awesome part member family a couple of weeks ago and we have set one of the kids on date, their name is the Tau family from NZ. 

So on Tuesday we had a trade off with one of the assistants for the day so we but him with Elder Bull and me and Elder Ray did some other work which was fun. We also had a dinner with one of our investigators that day her name is Tammy and she was going to go into surgery the next day and so she asked that we would give her a blessing.  She asked that I would give it and it was such an awesome blessing one of the coolest I have ever given, and so she felt much better about her surgery. 

Then because we were already planning on doing a trade-off with the Callingwood Park Elders (Elder Meyer) so I was going to go with Elder Meyer in his area with Elder Bull as well. But while we were waiting for The Collingwood Park missionaries to show up it took to long so we started mucking around.. and ya long story short there Elder Bull fell off the back of the car and now he has a minor concussion...... ya....... so ya.... but so on the the trade off Elder Bull passed out a couple of times and so we took him to the doctors and the doctor pretty much said he has a minor concussion so just be careful with him for the next couple of weeks. So Pretty much that trade-off day I just chilled with Elder Meyer in the flat and drove Elder Bull to doctors appointments and ct scans and such. 

Then on Thursday we went into Brisbane city to teach an English language study class that our mission is doing for some of the missionaries who are struggling a lot with English so we did that all day. But it was pretty cool because Elder Choi my last companion was there! and I actually got to teach a real Korean investigator with him so that was fun. And then ya we had a ward activity in Raceview on Saturday morning but we had to leave because Elder Bull fainted again..... but ya so we had a weird but really good week and the work here in our area has been picking up a lot :) so ya awesome stuff. 

Everyone have a good week!
-Elder Pierce

Never a Dull Moment!


Dear Everyone,
Once again, I have used poor  time management so I am running out of time to email. But we had an amazing week this week. I am really enjoying being in a trio there is almost never a dull moment. 

We have been able to find a lot of new investigators this week (like more than I have ever found in one week- 12) and so we are really excited! It is good to be covering two wards because it always keeps us busy. We also have an awesome zone with a lot of hard working missionaries and so we just have a lot of fun. 

But ya that is pretty much our week. Love you all and happy birthday to Mom and Calvin!

-Elder Pierce

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Short and Sweet- Awesome Week

                                                            Zone Photo at the Temple

Sorry, we went to the temple today so that is why I am emailing on Wednesday.... but since I messed around with all the pictures today I actually have no more time to email... so I hope you all like the pictures.  Our week was awesome we were able to see a lot of miracles!

I love you all and hope you have a great week!
-Elder Pierce
                                                Temple Trip: Australia, Brisbane Temple
Elder Pierce and Elder Ray
Oh Companions, hahaha
A pictures of my "sons" (missionaries I have trained :E. Meyer left and E. Haiane right) 

and all of my posterity in the mission
A Visit to the Zoo

a dingo
                                                                          an emu

Monday, August 28, 2017

The Swich

                            The Trio Companionship: Elder Ray, Elder Bull & Elder Pierce
Dear Everyone,

  So this past week was a very busy week for us because we had a zone conference and it was going to be at our chapel so we had to get everything prepared! So we went and cleaned the whole chapel the night before and then in the zone conference Elder Ray and I had to give a training about the principle from the white hand book of staying within sight and hearing of your companion so that was pretty cool. But a lot of my missionary friends were at the conference so that was really good to see. Then we have been also pretty busy with zone leader stuff. Because there is one one companionship in our zone that doesn't have a sick companion... pretty crazy. So we were fixing bikes and dropping off stuff all the time. and at the end of the week Elder Bull got sick again but he is feeling better now. 
A family felt bad for us that Elder Bull was sick so they gave us a massive feed 
So not as much legit missionary work as we would have liked to do, but it is all good. It is pretty funny because Yamanto ward is pretty similar to Camira ward as far as the people go so I have been making good use of my Samoan! haha 

But ya that is pretty much our week lots of fun but we are wanting to be able to do a lot more work this week!
Love you all
-Elder Pierce
                                            A picture we took at the top of the hike we did

Trios and Illness

Dear Everyone,

   So this past week was not your normal working week. haha So we started off doing district meeting on Tuesday, luckily Elder Ray ran it this time but it will be my turn this week. Unfortunately almost every companionship in our zone had someone who was sick with the flu so that was pretty sad. One of the sisters came to district meeting sicker than a dog and then the next morning Elder Bull (my Fijian companion) woke up sick as well so we didn't go out of the flat for two days.... haha Elder Ray and I were a little stir crazy, we even lifted weights one day.. haha both of us are useless. 

But I think being in a trio is pretty good, you always have someone that you can talk to and ya it is not too bad. But Elder Ray is possibly one of the funniest men alive... haha We had a long time to bond while Elder Bull was sleeping for practically 2 days. Turns out we have heaps in common. He even likes the Gorillaz ( the band that sings that really weird song about fire coming out of the mountain) But on Thursday I got to do another baptismal interview but this time it was for a 17 year old girl so that was very different from my first one which was a 9 year old girl. We even got to go to the baptism which was awesome (it was a mean Samoan baptism which means a giant feed afterwards) but ya pretty slow week as far as the work goes but it was a good week! 
I love you all and hope you have a great week!

-Elder Pierce

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Surprise News

                              Elder Pierce and Elder Choi last picture (as companions)
Dear Everyone,

   I hope you all had a great week! So this past week was a pretty busy one, but a good one none the less. So ya to be honest I don't remember everything that happened. We had a crack up district meeting where we sang as the last song "God be with you till we meet again" because this was the last week of our transfer. But ya and on Saturday we got the calls that night that told us if we were going to be transferred or not... and drum roll..................... yup I got transferred! but the problem was I didn't know where to. 

So on Sunday afternoon I got a call from the assistants that said I was going to be going to the Ipswich Stake in the Yamanto area where I am going to be a Zone Leader. (I did read your email Riley haha now you know)  I am pretty excited! We will be covering 2 wards Yamanto and Raceview. I am in a trio and my companions are Elder Bull (Fiji) and Elder Ray (Utah) haha I am with my first American!! They are both good companions and I am pretty excited. Ya now the best news is that I am Elder Meyer's zone leader and he is a district leader so it was so crack up to see him and everyone! Sorry I don't have a picture of my new companions yet but I will get one for next week! 

Ya but ya.. I don't really have much else to say so have a great week!

-Elder Pierce
District meeting.... they didn't do something so their "punishment" was to sing a song in district meeting. haha

Monday, August 7, 2017

Small Miracles

Dear everyone,

This past week has been one of cool tender mercies of the Lord! A lot of it happened on Wednesday, it was pretty funny we started out the day by just going and knocking on some doors and then after that it was lunch time. So Elder Choi asked if we could go to Subway because we had a coupon so I said sure. While we were there ordering our food a guy working there was like "Hi Elders" but then he just kept doing his thing. But when we were checking out he said to me, "I want to thank you I really felt the spirit today while you were here." and Elder Choi and I were like... uhh okay. Then he asked us why we were here in Beenleigh and I said serving the Lord. and he said I know my family are in the such and such ward. And then we pretty much said goodbye. 

Then after lunch we had to go help one of the elders in our district fix their tire because they had a flat tire and no jack... haha so we went and helped them. Then afterward I had to go conduct a baptismal interview (my first one.....) haha I was pretty nervous but it was all good it was just a nine year old. So that went really well! but then afterwards when we got back to the car we got a phone call. Then when we answered she was like is this Elder Choi and Elder Pierce the missionaries who went to Subway today?.... umm... yep. She said The boy at the counter was my brother who has decided to be inactive for years and chose to live a life very against the gospel and he swore that God wasn't real. But she said that after we came in to Subway that day he felt the spirit so strong that he knew that God was real and that everything that he used to believe was true! and we were like.... uh no way! We didn't even say that much to him but then she thanked us for serving missions and said that this was probably one of the reasons that Heavenly Father sent us to the Brisbane mission. And now the boy is going to prepare to serve a mission and turn his life around. It was an amazing experience and one that I will hold close to my heart :) 

Also we have been having some troubles getting anyone to come to church so Elder Choi fasted for it and then out of the blue an old investigator who we didn't invite or see in a while out of the blue turned up and said that she just felt she needed to come!

 Really cool stuff, the church is true.  I love you all have a great week!
Elder Pierce

Monday, July 31, 2017

It's only been a few days...

Dear Everyone,
   So ya since it has only been a few days since I last emailed, not too much has happened. But it has been pretty cool since my companion and I have been really focusing on trying to get some more people to teach and as we have been doing quite a bit of tracting.

It is cool to see how the Lord has placed us in the right place and at the right time! For instance yesterday we tried to follow up with a less active guy who we met on the street earlier in the week while he was working and he gave us his home address. So as we went up to knock on his door, it seemed that the house was empty and no one lived there... so we were like okay. When we knocked no one came to the door. But I was like, well we are here on the street for a reason sooo... We just started knocking on the houses surrounding and we went to the first one and it was a house where the front yard looked like it hasn't been mowed in at least a year.. But we were like oh well lets knock it and then someone ended up coming out of the back door of the house. We were like uhh.. and we taught her and her sister about the restoration and the Book of Mormon and they said we could come back! Funny enough she asked us if we knew any good preachers for our church so she could listen to some sermons.... and we were like well the apostles are pretty good?? So we told her to look up Jeffrey R Holland because he gives some pretty mean talks :) haha

But we have been having many small instances like that the past week or so and it has been really cool. It reminds me of the story of Nephi and his brothers when they are sent to go back and get the plates and they try many ways to get them from Laban but all of them don't work. And then finally Nephi just goes in after being promised by the Lord that Laban would be delivered into his hands, not knowing what to do exactly and where to go exactly and as he was about doing the Lords business, unexpectedly, he gets the answer to his prayers!

The Gospel is true I love you all and hope you have a great week!
-Elder Pierce

Saturday, July 29, 2017

I Love to See the Temple!

                               Elder Pierce and Elder Choi at the Brisbane, Australia Temple
Dear Everyone,

This is our district at the temple
This past week was a good week! Sorry about emailing late because we had our temple p-day today. Which is always good. :) 

It feels like a long time since I last emailed because it has been a while. Sorry I don't have heaps of time to email because we rode the train back from the temple and it took ages, as well we also had interviews with the mission president after our endowment session.

Well Elder Choi and I, this past while since I last emailed, have been really trying to add some new people to our teaching pool so we have been doing heaps of tracking. As well as trying to follow up with some people that the missionaries have worked with in the past. I also personally have been working on my prayers and working my hardest while trusting in the Lord! I read a scripture in D&C at the moment I can't remember where but Joseph Smith writes something to the effect of let us do all things that lie within our power and then wait to see the salvation of God. And it has been really working as I have been bearing my soul to Heavenly Father and then do everything I can and have faith in Him and His timing. It also Helps my companion is the man who is always trying to improve our skills and our effectiveness. 

But ya We have been doing some good work and I am glad to be here serving the Lord. 
I hope you all have a great week.
-Elder Pierce
Brisbane, Australia Temple

Monday, July 17, 2017

Missionary Life in Beenleigh

Small world!
This is Elder Pierce with a member of his ward, Brother Butler.
Bro. Butler was a former mission companion of Tyler Bellows.
The Bellows family are great friends from our home ward in NC!

Dear Everyone,

   First things, I have no idea what to put as the subject of these emails... but oh well. This past week was a pretty good week, pretty busy though! Haha On Monday we did some street contacting at night and it was so crazzy for the first time in my mission we talked to this guy who wanted to fight us... He almost started swinging blows at my companion! Pretty intense but I am pretty sure the guy was on drugs because he had this crazy look in his eyes... a little scary, but it was all good :) haha 

Wednesday we had Zone conference with the Mission President and a couple of other zones. It was really fun because me and Elder Choi did our musical item of "Thy Will Be Done!" which we had practiced for the first time in the morning before the zone conference... But Elder Choi is a master at reading music so it was all good :) We are making some pretty good steps with one of our investigators who is dating a member. We just finished teaching the hard stuff like the law of chastity and the word of wisdom and that seemed to go well. So Ya we will keep helping her progress! 

Then awesomely I got to do a trade-off with Pimpama and it was so good :) I showed the new missionary a couple of former investigators and good members to work with. But it was really fun to see some good ole faces :) But ya it was a busy but good week! 

Love you all
-Elder Pierce

Monday, July 10, 2017


Dear Everyone,
So this past week has been really busy I guess, but really fun! It is good to be in a new area and to be working hard and putting my shoulder to the wheel. So as far as the Fourth of July goes, I completely forgot until halfway through the day when I was writing down in my planner what day it was and then I was like... WOOHHOOO MURICA! haha The only thing I did to celebrate was to read 
1 Nephi chapter 13 during Elder Choi's language study, haha.

But while I am talking about Elder Choi, he has been on his mission for 4 months and he was born and raised in the church. His English.. haha we are working on it, but it's not TOO bad. But when I got transferred here they told me I would really have to work on language study. And he is also the man! haha I have been trying to learn some Korean from him, so now I know how to say like hello, thank you, and what not. We had another missionary with us until Wednesday because he is training a new missionary and the golden didn't come in until Wednesday.  It was really fun to have another missionary around especially for when we go door knocking. 

Lots of cool things happened so I will try and share a few. One amazing thing is there is a brand new recent convert guy here in Beenleigh and he was just baptized last transfer. But the coolest thing is that this man is the first ever potential investigator I ever found while I was in my first area!! When I saw him and heard about him I was like NO WAY! It was so cool to see him because he has changed like everything and it is so cool. The ward here is very keen to work with us and to get stuff done especially our ward mission leader. On Tuesday it was a little weird because I had to run our district meeting but it turned out pretty good and I gave this last minute training because i didn't know if I was suppose to have one prepared.. haha But it turned out great! I also got to go on a trade off with our zone leaders on Friday and it was so fun because they live down the road from Jamie and Kim'lee Wright (my recent converts in Pimpama) So I got to visit them! So good to see them :) Then on Sunday it was pretty crazy because Not only was i introduced to the ward but they also got a new bishop of our ward! So new and exciting things happening. And then another cool thing about Elder Choi is that he can play the piano very well and we are going to be doing a musical item for a zone conference this Wednesday so that should be pretty fun. 

But I love you all and hope you have a great week!
-Elder Pierce

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Bitter Sweet

                                       Saying Goodbye to the Lovely City of Warwick
Dear Everyone,

  So I will start this letter with some of the good news: By this past week Wednesday I was feeling all better! I had my voice back and everything!  Which might i say was really nice. It was a bit of a slow week in Warwick because I was still recovering and what not. 

But now for the crazy news.....(drum roll)...... Today was the transfers day and it turns out that I got transferred! I thought I was going to be staying in Warwick to finish the training of Elder Haiane but.. nope, I guess the Lord had some other plans. But the awesome news is that I got transferred to an area in my last district!! haha I am in a place called Beenleigh. So you know for sure that I will be visiting some people in Pimpama!!! When the calls came in Saturday night about the transfers I was like what? and then when I found out where I was going I was like.. haha awesome! I have been in Beenleigh before just for a day or two. 

My new companion's name is Elder Choi from South Korea, Seoul. He seems pretty cool, it will be funny, they told me I have to make sure to work on his English skills, which I thought was funny because that is what the last mission president said to me about my trainer! haha I don't know too much about him yet because we have only been together for a few hours but I am excited. It is a bit sad to see all of the people in Warwick off, because I formed some good bonds there but you have to do what the Lord says that is for sure! 
The Clark Family
Ya I don't really know what else to say I hope you enjoy the pictures I made sure to take a couple more. So ya we shall see how this goes. 

Love, Elder Pierce
Us at the Warwick Chapel
The Warwick Chapel (A Queenslander style building)

There was frost on the ground