Monday, May 30, 2016

G'Day All !!!!!!

Here is a real life aboriginal boomerang!!

This time since Thursday has been crazy and long haha. So on Friday Elder Parker was really sick with like the cold or the flu or something and I pretty much had to force him to stay home... I don't think that he really understands what sicknesses are... haha he is kind of from the Bush of Tahiti. But he was like falling asleep every 5 seconds so I called the mission doctor and he said yup he is probably contagious so he needs to stay home and rest. And Elder Parker was like NOOO!! I have to go work! this is useless... and then proceeded to fall asleep for like the next 4 hours. So that day I was pretty much just reading and highlighting my scriptures all day, which was actually like a nice little break. But I've been trying to highlight all of the scriptures that are found in the scripture study sections in Preach My Gospel in chapter 3- the lessons. But I have been doing it since I was in the MTC and I'm still not done.. haha there are heaps of scriptures but they are all so good! Elder Parker is crazy... we still went full out with the exercising and stuff even while he was sick because he really wanted to. By Saturday he was alright and we just went and had a regular day. 

Also just so that any one who reads this email if missionaries text you, you have to  text back!!!!!!! hahaha........... We have been working harder to try to get our members involved in the work.. but either the appointments fall through or the members fall through... So we are counseling with the Lord to know how to work better to build the Lord's kingdom. On Saturday we just saw heaps of our investigators. It was really cool we talked with one of our investigators from the Taro-Strait (which is like Papua New Guinea (or PNG as they call it) and north Queensland like on Thursday Island) and she was telling us all about her culture and showed us boomerangs (she also said she might get us some) But she is a really nice lady. 
                                                                Aboriginal artwork 
A painting our investigator Peter did of his aboriginal tribe

On Sunday we had regular church and it was really good. I learned some stuff about preparing for the Sabbath from one of our investigators/members named Solo (her full name is Fa'asolo) and she has a crazy story about her life so that's why I say member/investigator.  But we came and taught her after church and that was a good lesson. Sunday we just ate heaps and heaps... it's like every house we went to they fed us and were like, "you have to eat elders..." haha so me and Elder Parker were really full that day. But it kind of stinks because I think I'm starting to get sick (the flu/cold thing that Elder Parker had...) But it will be all good I hope. The first time that i get a flu shot and I get the flu.. haha awesome :) haha 

I am excited for the work this week! We are going to redouble our efforts in Camira and do what the Lord would have us do! And this Wednesday should be interesting because it is the State of Origin Rugby League game. Queensland vs New South Whales. It should be  crazy because it will be a really big deal and game. So we will see how the proselyting will go on Wednesday especially later in the evening when everyone will be watching the game. But I love the Lord's work, I just wish I was a little bit better so that I can do more.  I will just have to keep up diligent studies and work by faith and especially the spirit. But yup that is my week! 

I hope all of y'all have a great week!!

-Elder Pierce

                              A picture from last week of when President came by for interviews

Zone Temple Day/p-day

                                             The Beautiful Brisbane Australia Temple
Dear everyone,

     Sorry about the late email because today is Thursday here in Australia and the thing is that we are having P-Day today because we got to go to the temple today with our whole zone! 
Zone Temple Day

I guess I'll start by talking about last week. So last preparation day literally feels like forever ago... it went by SO fast. Honestly I don't remember too much it has just blurred together. But we have done heaps of trying to find and teach this week and trying to work better with our members so that we can get the Lord's work moving here in Camira. I'll just share a couple of the cool things. This week was the first time I was really swore at!!! that was awesome! haha  We told the guy to have a good day and he was like YA I WILL.... haha, it just made me crack up. 

Also something I have been working on this week is developing Christ like attributes and the one I am working on in particular is Faith.  I'm studying and trying to apply especially in Faith in finding which is the thing I have the hardest time with is connecting with the random people as we are walking or on their front door step when all they say is, "not interested, no worries mate, cheers... etc" haha but The Lord is helping me as I study and apply. Faith is a trust. A trust that we have that this is His work and that every single person on this earth desperately needs the Gospel of Jesus Christ that has been restored through a modern day prophet Joseph Smith. This is His gospel and there is real power in Him who is the Author and finisher of our Faith. And He works miracles according to our faith! So that's why i am working on that :) 

But ya this week was our ward conference which was pretty awesome because I was in a ward council meeting with the stake president which was awesome! And during our sacrament meeting our bishop felt inspired to actually invite this less active lady (sister Bell) to come bear her testimony (mind you this is the first week she has been to church in a while).  Well she just gave a power house testimony and it touched everyone and the Spirit was able to witness unto me about the love he has for his lost sheep. The week has just been busy for sure. But in a good way because this is the Lord's work so I'm glad to have every hour filled with things to do to help build the kingdom. Yesterday actually we had trade off's and I went to the zone leaders area and spent the day with Elder Zobell (from Canada).  It was pretty cool and it worked out really well, we taught some pretty good lesson to some awesome investigators! One lady her name is Magda from South Africa and it is just so crazy how converted to the gospel she really is. She finished the Book of Mormon in like 3 weeks and is roaring and ready to be Baptized.

Then it was today and we went to the temple.  We woke up at like 5:30 am then went to the train station and then caught the public transport all the way to Brisbane and then had an awesome session!!  I know this may seem like a small miracle but i was praying pretty hard in the temple so that I could have more faith to find and on the way back I talked to some random people on the train and like I was the only missionary who was sharing the gospel. So don't you ever say the Lord doesn't answer prayers. If we are willing to change and put our faith forward into action then the Lord will help us and multiply our efforts and talents. 

But one thing that has still stuck with me from what Elder Andersen said when he visited was ( and i can't remember the scripture) that we deal in the unseen things as missionaries and as members of the church. We don't need to teach people about the Brisbane skyline or the weather or anything like that because they can see those things around them. We teach of those things which are unseen but are more important, the truths of eternity, that this life is not all. That Jesus Christ lives and directs us. Those things they cannot see with their eyes. but that was cool! Yup it was a great week sorry if my email is a little sparse this week things were crazy with it being temple p-day. But Everyone have a great week!!

-Elder Pierce
                                                                  Koala crossing sign 
                                                         Mackers (aka McDonald's)

Malo e lelei (Hello in Tongan)

                                           Our last district conference before transfers

Malo e lelei (hello in Tongan I don't really know how you would spell that though...)

So first things first neither me or my companion got transferred!!! so we still have more to do here in Camira!! But we were excited when we found out that we both were staying! Also really random but one our investigators who is from the Taro Strait is going to get me and Elder Parker traditional boomerangs and maybe even a didgeridoo (just a small one) but she oddly can't teach us how to play it because she is a girl and only guys can play it... hahaha just weird aboriginal culture thing.

But ya skyping was great it was good to at least hear from all of Y'all back home!! Sorry if I didn't answer too many questions or share too much. It was crazy the time just went by so fast! But I'm glad all are doing well and the work here in Australia is great!! I even think I'm starting to get used to being on the left side of the road and also getting better at remembering how to say peoples names! The week was full and crazy!
                                                              Mother's Day Skype

 So Monday was skyping and Tuesday I think we just worked our tails off trying to see as many people as we could! Then on Wednesday it was transfers! It was a little sad because two elders in my district got transferred Elder Amosa and Elder Acevero-Crespo and they were pretty awesome elders but the new ones are pretty mean as well!! One who is the new zone leader is from Canada. And that P-day was like really good because pretty much all of the elders from our zone came and we played basketball for hours!  We also randomly were all given money for lunch by some members that passed by before we played basketball. So that was really cool. But then on Thursday... Man i got really sick.... I don't know what I had but it was the whole 9 yards. Nausea, body aches, fever, chills and just bad... I pretty much just layed on the couch all day, but I couldn't really sleep or do anything... But in the evening I had the zone leaders come and give me a blessing so that I could be alright for the mission tour the next day, Friday, But it all worked out!! Priesthood power is real! And the apostle (Elder Neil L. Andersen) was super awesome. I wish I could say some more but I'm out of time....\

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Pierce
                                                   one of me and my companion
                         One of Sister Frandi and one of her kids (the family whose house I skyped at)
                                                     Elder Parker getting a hair cut

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Rainy but Awesome Week!

Rain or Shine the Work must go on!
our Ghetto rain jackets that a member made us because it was raining and we didn't have ours)


So once again today is Tuesday here because yesterday was Labor Day, so that meant we were able to do some good work! So this week has felt like forever and also at the same time a really short amount of time. It's crazy because every week has felt like that pretty much. Something our mission president says is that this time that we are here out in the field is like a spiritual green house and that we will learn and grow a whole lot in a short period of time and so we have to use our time wisely because it will go by fast. And now I understand that because holy cow it has gone by so quick! I've already been here for like 5 weeks?? 

This past week it has rained every day (usually a light rain) But it's crazy because it is much different to be riding around in full on proselyting clothes in the pouring down rain on a bike- but I love it (and in some cases in my suit). In our mission we are working on what President Henderson is calling a 21 day spiritual fast because in 21 days an apostle is coming to do a mission tour so we are working on giving up something that is keeping us from the miracles that Savior has planned for us in this great and marvelous missionary work. And I am going to give up being afraid/ hesitating to do things like being afraid to follow a prompting or whether it be in extending a commitment to an investigator or anything like that. It has not been easy but I am working my hardest and we are redoubling our efforts to fulfill our goals because our goals are a reflection of the desires of our hearts and the plans we make are acts of faith. So I am working my best!! 

A couple of crazy things real quick, one while we were coming back home one day from the farthest part of our area ( about 40'ish minutes bike ride) and my tire popped.....and that was crazy!  Elder Parker ended up running with my bike and I rode his (which I was really grateful for) But that experience reminded of the Savior because Heavenly Father knew that we were going to have our tires pop and not be able to run all the way back, so he sent someone else who could take our bike for us. Also we had a random race with some kids and it was raining and at the end we had to turn and I touched my brake and the bike went right out from under me and I slid for like 5 meters and now those pants are ruined... hahah, oh well.
My pants and leg after a bike crash thingy

 Also we did a service project where we mowed an investigator's lawn.  

Well, I have to go! But every one have a great week!!!! Also talk to y'all soon!
I emailed mom some more details.

-Elder Pierce