Monday, May 22, 2017


                                                   Elder Pierce and his German Companions
                                                            (Elder Meyer and Elder Tewes)
 Dear everyone,

I hope everyone had a great week! So first off, we had a great week last week, We had an awesome dinner with our Bishop and one our investigators that is Filipino because our Bishop served in the Philippines. One day during the week in the morning it was a warm 2.3° C  (36° F)..... haha that was really cold that morning. We also mowed a few lawns and did a bit of service.

I also went on a trade off with the zone leader on Wednesday where I was on trade off with the zone leader that goes home today.. hahaha he was a bit trunky, the motto for the day was go hard or go home and then Elder Dunlop said, "I'll do both!" but it's all good.

And then the crazy news is the transfers were today and we found out on Saturday that Elder Tewes was leaving.. and it also means I'm getting a new missionary. But the difference is that I am going to be training a new missionary! I know absolutely nothing about him but I will find out on Wednesday. For a few days I will be in another missionary's area because he is getting a golden too. but it will all be pretty good. :)
Saying goodbye to some families for Elder Tewes

Sorry my letter is pretty short, but have a great week everyone! Also skyping was really good! Good to see all of y'all!

-Elder Pierce
                                                A few more Queen Mary Falls pics :)

Monday, May 15, 2017

Making friends with the BIRDS :)

                                                   Elder Pierce and Elder Tewes
Dear Everyone,

SO heaps of stuff has happened so I will try and capture most of it and also I will be talking to you guys soon on Mother's Day. But since last Tuesday all missions in the world no longer hold zone meetings which is pretty crazy but we still drove down to Ipswich on Wednesday but the cool thing is that there was a new couple of senior missionaries called out here so we can now catch a ride with them which helps save our K's. 

Then we have  been making some good progress with one our investigators, Clive (who we helped him move into his new house). We finally brought out a member from the ward and he has agreed to take the missionary lessons! So we will see how we go there. We also have started to go to the Young Men's nights in the ward to help support the YM here and to help encourage them to serve missions and yoke with the ward. 

New South Whales border (Still in our area)
Then on Saturday we went down to Stanthorpe and also to visit one of the recent convert/ less active members down there (but she lives in New South Whales... haha crazy!) so we had heaps of driving but it was a good day down there. Also very beautiful because it's autumn here and the trees down in Stanthorpe change more colors like back in NC! Then this week we made a plan to work harder and to plan more time to find new people to teach as well as planning more appointments a few days in advance so that we can bring more members with us and it has been working awesome! Also yesterday on Wednesday we were finally able to see our investigators Robert and Shonna (the couple that wanted to get married and baptized but Robert has been very sick).  We watched the church movie Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration and it was such a good experience! It has been so weird because they are so keen to learn but the circumstance have been unfavorable for the past 6 weeks.. man Satan will do everything he can to stop this work from progressing, but it has been really good. 

Then today for P-day we went a place in our area with a sister in our ward and a recent convert named Brandon. It is called Queen Mary Falls and it was really fun- a nice walk and maybe not the biggest waterfall but still pretty cool and then we fed the bids which was pretty cool because they were these really pretty birds that would fly up and eat from your hands! Hopefully the sister from our ward, Sister Donaldson she will be sending some pictures somehow. 

 I love you all have a great week! :)
-Elder Pierce                                           
A visit to Queen Mary Falls
(fun feeding the birds!)

Monday, May 8, 2017

Workin' in Warwick

          We got to go the temple with our ward and bring two of the recent converts, this is Brandon.

G'day from the land down unda'!
So first things first sorry I am writing this letter on Tuesday because yesterday was a public holiday in Australia, Labor Day. But this past week was another good one. It was fairly normal except for on Saturday but we will get to that. 

It was cool during some of our finding we found this woman who was from Germany and at first she was like... no I'm not interested, I'm Catholic but once she found out Elder Tewes was German, she opened up heaps and we are going to start teaching her :) On Saturday we had the chance to go to the temple with two of our recent converts because it was their first time doing baptisms for the dead and also our ward was doing a youth temple trip! So that was really awesome to be able to go down there! It feels like it has been ages. And our recent converts had such a great time! It is always so good to see people progressing in the gospel. 
And the other recent convert was Trish
But we will have to see about our investigator Anne because she is going to go on her trip down to Sydney to visit her family for maybe a week or two... So we will see how she goes after that but she wants to be baptized after that. 

But ya sorry this is email is kind of short but it was a good week :) I hope everything goes well for everyone! 
-Elder Pierce
A picture from last week (it is proof that I got my b'day package while we were down in Ipswich)
The national world match stick soccer cup at one of our dinner appointments
This was a funny plaque on someone's house we saw while door knocking