Monday, June 26, 2017

A Little Bit Under the Weather in the Land Down Under

                                        Thankful for the kindness of ward members!
Dear everyone,

   So after an awesome week like last week of course Satan has to strike...... haha but pretty much since last Wednesday, which was the day I emailed last, I have been sick with some kind of cold flu thingy.... That has been pretty bad. But it started out as just a scratchy throat with a cough and then just into the whole shebang with possible fever, aches, ears in pain and just like you can imagine it being. So ya we stayed in the flat most of the week.. I mean like all of it. And just doing whatever we can, like we have done a little bit of service and what not but not much missionary work, mostly resting and sleeping. 

One night a family invited us over for dinner (the Clarks) and I told them I was sick and they were like, all good just come over, apparently they had just gotten over the sickness that I have. And since they knew I was sick they have been looking after us like dropping off food and being really nice! We are very lucky to have some awesome members in our ward! But then on Saturday one of the members who is a doctor found out I was sick and came over and checked on me to see how I was going. He checked me out at his doctor's office and he said it was probably just a virus and that I will get better pretty soon. So this past Sunday was the first Sunday on my mission that was a day of rest! haha because I was asleep for most of it, but I am feeling a lot better today -still only about 75% but it is a lot better! I think I will be good by tomorrow or the next day. 

But ya that is pretty much it, Hope you all have a great week! Also I recently watched a Mormon message that you all might like it is called "The Music of the Gospel" about a Native American healer guy. 

Love you all!
-Elder Pierce
A get well note

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