Saturday, July 8, 2017

Bitter Sweet

                                       Saying Goodbye to the Lovely City of Warwick
Dear Everyone,

  So I will start this letter with some of the good news: By this past week Wednesday I was feeling all better! I had my voice back and everything!  Which might i say was really nice. It was a bit of a slow week in Warwick because I was still recovering and what not. 

But now for the crazy news.....(drum roll)...... Today was the transfers day and it turns out that I got transferred! I thought I was going to be staying in Warwick to finish the training of Elder Haiane but.. nope, I guess the Lord had some other plans. But the awesome news is that I got transferred to an area in my last district!! haha I am in a place called Beenleigh. So you know for sure that I will be visiting some people in Pimpama!!! When the calls came in Saturday night about the transfers I was like what? and then when I found out where I was going I was like.. haha awesome! I have been in Beenleigh before just for a day or two. 

My new companion's name is Elder Choi from South Korea, Seoul. He seems pretty cool, it will be funny, they told me I have to make sure to work on his English skills, which I thought was funny because that is what the last mission president said to me about my trainer! haha I don't know too much about him yet because we have only been together for a few hours but I am excited. It is a bit sad to see all of the people in Warwick off, because I formed some good bonds there but you have to do what the Lord says that is for sure! 
The Clark Family
Ya I don't really know what else to say I hope you enjoy the pictures I made sure to take a couple more. So ya we shall see how this goes. 

Love, Elder Pierce
Us at the Warwick Chapel
The Warwick Chapel (A Queenslander style building)

There was frost on the ground

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