Monday, July 10, 2017


Dear Everyone,
So this past week has been really busy I guess, but really fun! It is good to be in a new area and to be working hard and putting my shoulder to the wheel. So as far as the Fourth of July goes, I completely forgot until halfway through the day when I was writing down in my planner what day it was and then I was like... WOOHHOOO MURICA! haha The only thing I did to celebrate was to read 
1 Nephi chapter 13 during Elder Choi's language study, haha.

But while I am talking about Elder Choi, he has been on his mission for 4 months and he was born and raised in the church. His English.. haha we are working on it, but it's not TOO bad. But when I got transferred here they told me I would really have to work on language study. And he is also the man! haha I have been trying to learn some Korean from him, so now I know how to say like hello, thank you, and what not. We had another missionary with us until Wednesday because he is training a new missionary and the golden didn't come in until Wednesday.  It was really fun to have another missionary around especially for when we go door knocking. 

Lots of cool things happened so I will try and share a few. One amazing thing is there is a brand new recent convert guy here in Beenleigh and he was just baptized last transfer. But the coolest thing is that this man is the first ever potential investigator I ever found while I was in my first area!! When I saw him and heard about him I was like NO WAY! It was so cool to see him because he has changed like everything and it is so cool. The ward here is very keen to work with us and to get stuff done especially our ward mission leader. On Tuesday it was a little weird because I had to run our district meeting but it turned out pretty good and I gave this last minute training because i didn't know if I was suppose to have one prepared.. haha But it turned out great! I also got to go on a trade off with our zone leaders on Friday and it was so fun because they live down the road from Jamie and Kim'lee Wright (my recent converts in Pimpama) So I got to visit them! So good to see them :) Then on Sunday it was pretty crazy because Not only was i introduced to the ward but they also got a new bishop of our ward! So new and exciting things happening. And then another cool thing about Elder Choi is that he can play the piano very well and we are going to be doing a musical item for a zone conference this Wednesday so that should be pretty fun. 

But I love you all and hope you have a great week!
-Elder Pierce

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